Pension loans illegal? There is a better way!

Update 2016  – the method listed below is not usually available nowadays. To find out what options are available to you, please fill in the form on the top right of this page

Transfer your funds to a Self Managed Pension Trust – and YOU decide what to do with YOUR money

You will have complete control over the money you have saved in your pension…
…some people decide to use the money to pay off expensive debts
…some people use it to make investments they think will produce a better return than their current pension scheme
…some people use it to start a new business, invest in property, or invest in an existing business

Features of the scheme

  • The process is fully legal (backed by legal opinion from leading QCs)
  • Tax-efficient and fully disclosed to HMRC
  • Run by an OFT registered company (Office of Fair Trading)
  • Running successfully for over 5 years
  • Using Pension Trust structures that have been operating successfully for over 21 years

You may have seen warnings from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) and other authorities about “pension loans”, “pension unlocking” or “pension liberation” schemes, saying that many of these schemes are scams… and some are actually illegal. What are the problems with such schemes?

  1. They take 40-70% of your pension as “commission” for their services, leaving you with as little as 30% of your pension’s current value
  2. They transfer your pension to “highly dubious” unregulated investment schemes, often based overseas, which sound “too good to be true”… and probably are!
  3. They may mean that the tax man (HMRC) will ask you to pay 55% tax on the money you liberated from your pension before the age of 55
  4. They may involve making a loan to you now, holding your pension as security. If anything goes wrong, you could be left without any pension when you retire

How is our scheme different?

  1. You keep at least 85% of the current value of your pension
  2. You take control of your money. Your money remains in the UK. You, and only you, decide what to do with the funds
  3. Our scheme is tax-efficient, fully disclosed to HMRC, backed by legal opinion from leading UK Tax Barristers (QCs), and further backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance
  4. There are no “loans” and no money to pay back in the future – your money is transferred into a trust which you, and only you, fully control

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